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The ultimate guide on how to increase your market value

Updated: May 27, 2023

Accelerate Your Ascension  Career book on coffee table.

About the book

My new self-help career development book, Accelerate: Your Career Ascension Guide, Learn How to Increase Your Market Value and Build Your Personal Brand, is the ultimate guide to boost your career and attract the opportunities you want.

This book provides tools, tips and strategies to achieve your career goals and receive the rewards and recognition you deserve.

Your career on your terms

There has never been a better time for employees to realise their full potential. They are redefining the terms of their employment and careers, creating a new paradigm in response to the discontent and inequalities amplified by the coronavirus pandemic.

Employees want to do meaningful work in a purpose-driven organisation with a great culture, fair compensation structure and excellent career prospects. They desire flexible and remote working options, healthy work-life balance, more time with friends and family and the freedom to pursue other interests.

Available on Amazon.

Accelerate: Your Career Ascension Guide book poster.

Who is this book for?

  • Corporate professionals and entrepreneurs looking for practical tools to increase their market value and build their personal brand.

  • Business leaders seeking innovative ways to attract and retain top talent, create a high-performance culture, and gain a business advantage.

  • Emerging leaders looking to accelerate their careers and avoid the common leadership pitfalls.

In this book, you will:

  • Discover your career purpose and how to successfully pursue your noble cause.

  • Develop your career plan and fast-track your career growth with the Career Progression Framework.

  • Learn how to build your personal brand using my exhaustive list of proven tools and ideas, including a comprehensive guide on social media performance insights.

  • Learn how to influence others through the power of storytelling and develop your presentation skills.

  • Discover how to identify your unique value proposition and market yourself authentically.

  • Learn how to build a high-performance team using The Corporate Gratitude Framework

This book will give you the competitive advantage necessary to be a standout employee, a high-performer and a business influencer.

Scroll down to the Table of Contents for a summary of each chapter.

Order your copy TODAY on Amazon.

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Driven by a Noble Cause

Explore the importance of having a career purpose (your noble cause). Receive practical tools to address and win the hearts and minds of those that oppose your ambition.

Unapologetically Authentic

Equips and empowers you to embrace your authentic self in the face of challenges, thereby unlocking your creativity, self-expression and confidence to achieve your goals.

Build Your Personal Brand (Part 1)

Provides in-depth practical tools to discover your unique value proposition and to monetise it.

Build Your Personal Brand (Part 2)

Outlines a comprehensive guide to building your personal brand, including powerful insights on popular social media platforms; and a range of self-marketing ideas that will accelerate your personal brand.

Fast-track Your Career Growth

You receive a career progression tool and a clear guide to fast-track your career growth.

Become a Skilled Storyteller and Presenter

You will discover the secrets of compelling storytelling and gain practical tips and insights to become an engaging and memorable presenter.


Circumvent Failure

Learn how to have a winning mindset and turn every adversity into an opportunity to achieve your goal.

The Power of Building Trust

Learn the power of trust to build enduring professional relationships, gain credibility and inspire loyalty.

How to Become More Disciplined

Practical tools that equip you to overcome barriers and achieve your goals.

Driving Outcome Through Projects

Use the goal motivation assessment tool to qualify the value and attractiveness of your goals before you invest time, resources and energy towards achieving them.

Start with Hope and Gratitude (Part 1)

Explore the power of hope and gratitude and how to use them to achieve success.

Start with Hope and Gratitude (Part 2)

Learn how to use the Corporate Gratitude Framework™ to create a high-performance culture, maintain employee wellbeing and democratise success for every team member.

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