How to harness social data to drive real-time competitive advantage

In the era of post-truth and fake news, how can brands gain real-time competitive advantage to drive business outcomes? The answer resides in social data and social listening combined with the capability of artificial intelligence (AI). How this is done is the subject of this article. Unstructured real-time social data is the only source of data fast enough to keep up with the ever-changing consumer behaviour and landscape. If properly harnessed it can drive business outcomes

Future-proofing your organisation and workforce

Technology is enabling mankind to accelerate towards the complete convergence between the natural and virtual worlds. Some people are excited by the endless possibilities and opportunities that it will create. Others are less optimistic and believe mankind is heading to its inevitable doom. The truth probably isn’t so black and white. Science fiction as science fact The natural and virtual realities will become intertwined to form a new type of hybrid reality that will be ind