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About Chidi Ameke

Chidi Ameke is a seasoned Business Author, Advisor, and Keynote Speaker, boasting a broad spectrum of expertise that spans Change and Transformation, Enterprise Risk Management, and Programme and Portfolio Management.

Chidi leverages his expertise to inspire ambitious organisations and individuals to strive for excellence and become their best selves.

Currently, he serves as the Vice President of Operations Risk Management at tms/HAVI, a global, privately-owned company focused on innovating, optimising and managing the supply chains of leading brands. In this pivotal role, Chidi leads the charge to establish a global supply chain risk management function.

In addition to his distinguished corporate career, Chidi has made a significant contribution to the world of business literature, with a portfolio of four business books. His most recent work, Leadership Values: The Comprehensive Guide to Effective Leadership & Management, furnishes leaders, managers, entrepreneurs, and corporate professionals to drive organisational transformation and achieve strategic goals through a value-based approach. This book is marked by its practical insights, effective strategies, and relatable examples to enable organisations to realise their strategic ambitions through an ethical and equitable value system.

His literary contributions further include Accelerate: Your Career Ascension Guide, a career self-development book to increase your market value and build your personal brand.


The Intelligent Change Management Guide: How to Successfully Lead and Implement Change in Your Organisation is a valuable tool for companies navigating uncertainty, offering practical strategies to effect successful change. 


Purpose-Driven Transformation: The Corporate Leader’s Guide to Value Creation and Growth, is a comprehensive leadership resource designed to help ambitious organisations transform.

Before starting his journey as an author and business advisor, Chidi developed a robust corporate career. He worked as an Advisory Consultant for Dell Technologies and enjoyed a successful career in the creative, digital, and marketing industries. His past roles were diverse, encompassing Art Direction, Projects and Programme Management, and Head of Delivery.

​Among his career highlights, Chidi is particularly proud of his six years working for Sir Elton John. He was the influencing force behind the acclaimed 2004 feature documentary about Elton's career, Elton in Four Decades, as its Producer.

Chidi is married and resides in the United Kingdom with his wife and two children. Outside of his professional commitments, Chidi indulges in his passion for blogging. His thought-provoking articles cover various fascinating topics, from business and social issues, e.g. Navigating Business Transformation and Why Brand Purpose Matters, to intricate subjects such as Technological Singularity, Artificial Intelligence, and Quantum Thinking.

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