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About Chidi Ameke

Chidi Ameke is Vice President, Change and Transformation, Global Supply Chain, for HAVI, a global, privately-owned company focused on innovating, optimising and managing the supply chains of leading brands.

He is the author of four distinguished business books. His latest book, Leadership Values: The Comprehensive Guide to Effective Leadership & Management, is now available on Amazon. 

His last book, Accelerate: Your Career Ascension Guide, is a career self-development book for employees, managers, leaders and entrepreneurs.

Chidi has led organisational change management, deploying the techniques described in his first bestseller book, The Intelligent Change Management Guide: How to Successfully Lead and Implement Change in Your Organisation.

His second business book, Purpose-Driven Transformation: The Corporate Leader’s Guide to Value Creation and Growth, is a comprehensive leadership resource designed to help ambitious organisations transform.

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