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Purpose-Driven Transformation, a leader’s guide

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This book is an essential read and resource for leaders and change-makers who want to create an impact.

Many people feel that positive change concerning environmental protection and addressing social inequalities isn’t happening quickly enough, despite the fact that technological advancement is accelerating at an unprecedented speed.

In a recent poll, 86% of people said they want significant change to make the world fairer and more sustainable. (Source: Ipsos MORI, 2020)

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The unethical practices of environmental damage, societal and economic inequalities and the likes are being challenged. Leaders have a significant role to play in creating a better world for everyone. Outstanding leaders are fair, ethically-driven and practice sustainability. They drive meaningful change, create an inclusive culture, embody hope, establish trust, maintain stability and display empathy. It is time for accountable leadership to rise up and lead by example. The survival of some businesses, organisations and corporations will depend on it.

“Conscious-consumers” are on the rise and they are seeking and supporting purpose-driven organisations, businesses and corporations.

My new book, ‘Purpose-Driven Transformation’, provides practical tools and models, including a “Business Value Creation Framework”, to enable growth, thereby addressing the unmet needs of "conscious-consumers". It can be used to successfully accelerate your transformation strategy, and it illustrates how to authentically embed ‘purpose’ as its core principle.

In the three themes covered in the book: effective leadership, overcome transformation barriers and success modelling, you will discover purpose-driven transformation insights and the principles of enduring business success in a fast-changing world.

For those leaders and companies that seek to fend off disruption, connect with "conscious-consumers" and create a sustainable and inclusive culture, this book is for you.

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