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  • Chidi Ameke

Learn how to effectively lead and implement corporate change management

Updated: Nov 25, 2022

Chidi Ameke holding his Change Management Book

About the book

The Intelligent Change Management Guide: How to Successfully Lead and Implement Change in Your Organization was a bestseller in the Management Science category on its first day of launch on Amazon.

This book is filled with essential tips on how to navigate, lead, and implement change management within your organization.

Chidi Ameke’s proven strategies are the perfect resource to help you to accomplish your organization’s strategic ambitions.

In order to survive the modern business world, it is crucial that you can adapt and change. This book will not only show you why 70% of all change initiatives fail, but how you can avoid becoming one of these failures, and lead your organization to enduring success.

The change management process outlined in this book will enable you to:

  • Successfully lead organizational change management

  • Grow your business in times of uncertainty

  • Plan and achieve your goals

  • Effectively engage stakeholders

  • Achieve greater productivity

  • Optimise your operational costs

  • Evolve your organisation’s culture

  • Successfully execute business transformation

  • Innovate for success

Using Chidi’s change management process, you can start implementing positive change TODAY!

Order your copy now on Amazon.

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