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3 top tips to accelerate your career during the "Great Resignation"​

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The reasons for the "Great Resignation"

Whether you call it the "Great Resignation." The "Great Reshuffle." The "Great Reset." The "Great Reprioritization." The "Great Recognition." The "Great Realization." The "Great Recalibration", or simply, "the "Big Quit," employees are speaking loud and clear. They want change now, and they continue to voluntarily resign from their jobs in large numbers to get it.

I have been paying close attention to this trend because, in my line of work as a corporate Change and Transformation subject matter expert, I recognize and value people as an organization's greatest asset. I feel compelled to support the workforce to realize their full career potential and improve their lives for themselves and their families. I believe that when employees flourish, organizations succeed.

For those seeking more from their career, I have just the answer for you - please read on!

But first, here are some insightful statistics about the "Great Resignation" in the US, UK and Germany:

  • In 2021, 41% (from 30,000 global workers) were thinking about quitting their jobs or changing their profession (Source: Microsoft, the 2021 Work Trend Index)

  • In the US alone, April 2021 saw 4 million resignations, the highest recorded in 20 years (Source: Department of Labor). A record 10.9 million jobs were open at the end of July 2021.

  • In 2021, 95% (from 649 people) of US employees said that they were considering leaving their jobs (Source: MSN)

  • In December 2021, according to the UK Office of National Statistics, the UK labour market data showed that the number of job vacancies increased sharply to a record 1.2 million in the three months to November 2021, having reached a record low of 340,000 in the three months to June 2020

  • According to the IFO Institute in Munich, Germany, more than a third of German companies are reporting a shortage of skilled workers

This unusual event was labelled the "Great Resignation" by Anthony Klotz, a psychologist and professor.

Some of the contributing factors of the "Great Resignation" include:

  • Feeling burned out by their current jobs.

  • The decision to switch industries for better opportunities and working conditions.

  • The global pandemic has compelled people to shift their priorities to the things that matter most to them.

  • The vast employment opportunities in the marketplace and the current labour shortages of experienced workers.

  • Lack of career growth opportunities within their current employment.

  • The decision to pursue their dream career.

3 top tips to accelerate your career during the "Great Resignation"

Whether you're looking for better working conditions, career growth opportunities, flexible working, salary increase or all the above, the following three tips will help you advance your career.

1. Learn to solve complex challenges

Businesses require people who can solve complex issues, thereby unlocking commercial opportunities, growth and profitability.

Problem-solving requires a strategic mindset and approach:

  • The first step is to understand the real problem. It involves research, be it qualitative or quantitative.

  • Use data analysis to identify trends and patterns from the output of your research.

  • Derive insights from data analytics to inform your assumptions. Then test them to determine the most suitable business recommendations.

2. Develop your leadership skills

Becoming a good and progressive leader is about driving meaningful change in an uncertain world, creating an inclusive culture, embodying hope, establishing trust and displaying empathy.

Here are some of the leadership attributes that will ensure you stand out:

  • Hold yourself to the highest standards at all times and always act with integrity, empathy and fairness.

  • Motivate and inspire your team to high-performance.

  • Support your team to achieve their goals, individually and collectively.

3. Demonstrate entrepreneurialism

Everyone can become more entrepreneurial by being more resourceful and willing to solve problems creatively and proactively.

Here are some entrepreneurial attitudes to model yourself on:

  • Learn to take calculated risks and accept that some of your decisions will not achieve the intended results.

  • Think ahead and ensure your skills and product/service offerings are relevant and in demand within the marketplace.

  • Be adaptable and willing to change course to capitalise on new opportunities.

Find more tips in my new self-help career development book. Details below.

Your career on your terms

Employees are redefining the terms of their employment and careers, creating a new paradigm in response to the discontent and inequalities amplified by the coronavirus pandemic.

Employees want to do meaningful work in a purpose-driven organisation with a great culture, fair compensation structure and excellent career prospects. They desire flexible and remote working options, healthy work-life balance, more time with friends and family and the freedom to pursue other interests.

How to accelerate your career

My new self-help career development book, Accelerate: Your Career Ascension Guide, Learn How to Increase Your Market Value and Build Your Personal Brand, is the ultimate guide to boost your career and attract the opportunities you want.

This book will equip you with proven insights and tools to carve out your career niche, increase your market value and find fulfilment in your work.

Accelerate: Your Career Ascension Guide book poster.

In this book, you will:

  • Discover your career purpose and how to successfully pursue your noble cause.

  • Develop your career plan and fast-track your career growth with the Career Progression Framework.

  • Learn how to build your personal brand using my exhaustive list of proven tools and ideas, including a comprehensive guide on social media performance insights.

  • Learn how to influence others through the power of storytelling and develop your presentation skills.

  • Discover how to identify your unique value proposition and market yourself authentically.

  • Learn how to build a high-performance team using The Corporate Gratitude Framework™

This book will give you the competitive advantage necessary to be a standout employee, a high-performer and a business influencer.

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