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How businesses are responding to the pandemic and the impact on consumer behaviour

"Star Trekkin”, a 1987 song by the British band, The Firm, misquoted Mr Spock, from the hit T.V. series, Star Trek, through their song's chorus: "It's life, Jim, but not as we know it..." What's that got to do with anything I hear you ask? Well, for many people, the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic will mean life will forge on, but not as we knew it. As of 19th April 2020, at 16:40 hrs (BST), about 2.36 million people worldwide have been diagnosed with the COVID-19 disease.

Excited to be amongst the next cohort of emerging corporate leaders

I’m excited to be part of the two-year Emerging Leaders Program cohort consisting of 23 candidates from across the HAVI businesses including supply chain management, logistics, packaging, data management and marketing. The Emerging Leaders Program was formally kicked off at the annual Strategic Alignment Meeting hosted at the Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village, Los Angeles, California, the USA in February 2020. Strategic Alignment Meeting The 2020 Strategic Alignment Meeting

How to harness social data to drive real-time competitive advantage

In the era of post-truth and fake news, how can brands gain a real-time competitive advantage to drive business outcomes? The answer resides in social data and social listening combined with the capability of artificial intelligence (AI). How this is done is the subject of this article. Unstructured real-time social data is the only source of data fast enough to keep up with the ever-changing consumer behaviour and landscape. If properly harnessed it can drive business outcom

Thought leadership on how to future-proof your organisation and workforce to drive success

Technology is enabling mankind to accelerate towards the complete convergence between the natural and virtual worlds. Some people are excited by the endless possibilities and opportunities that it will create. Others are less optimistic and believe mankind is heading to its inevitable doom. The truth probably isn’t so black and white. Science fiction as science fact The natural and virtual realities will become intertwined to form a new type of hybrid reality that will be ind

How enterprises leverage the benefits of cloud computing to grow in a changing economy

In the ContinuousNext* economy, the most successful brands will be those that leverage the power of ethics, sustainable practices, transparency, data and cloud computing*. They will combine them with compelling insights derived from real-time predictive data analytics. The output will be creatively inspired by personalised products and services. These will be designed with empathy to meet the evolving consumer desires, in line with their lifestyle, habits, behaviour and prefe

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