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Excited to be amongst the next cohort of emerging corporate leaders

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

Microphone standing in an empty stage

I’m excited to be part of the two-year Emerging Leaders Program cohort consisting of 23 candidates from across the HAVI businesses including supply chain management, logistics, packaging, data management and marketing. 

The Emerging Leaders Program was formally kicked off at the annual Strategic Alignment Meeting hosted at the Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village, Los Angeles, California, the USA in February 2020.

Four Seasons Westlake Village California

Strategic Alignment Meeting

The 2020 Strategic Alignment Meeting, with over 100 senior leaders across independent businesses, is a wonderful opportunity to align on the strategic direction of the HAVI group of companies and to participate across different workshops, presentations, business updates, a technological innovation showcase and much more (including enjoying some of the breath-taking scenery around Los Angeles).

Griffith Observatory California

110 copies of my book: The Intelligent Change Management Guide was purchased for this event. Here I am signing them all for the senior leadership attendees. 

Chidi Ameke book signing

Change Statistics

Change is a business imperative. Businesses must evolve to survive. However, approximately 70% of all organisational change endeavours result in failure, that’s millions of dollars wasted annually on technologies, infrastructure, software applications, systems, operating models, processes, services and products and so on.

  • "The failure of IT costs the U.S. economy about $50-$150 billion annually. Source: Harvard Business Review."

  • "Just 40 per cent of projects at IBM meet the company's three key goals (schedule, budget, and quality). Source: IBM."

  • "Three-quarters of projects fail because senior management doesn’t get involved. Source: Capterra."

  • "17 per cent of IT projects go so badly, they threaten the existence of the company. Source: McKinsey & Company in conjunction with the University of Oxford."

Retrieved from click here

The Intelligent Change Management Guide

In my book: The Intelligent Change Management Guide, I provide the theory of change, but more importantly, the practical step-by-step guide, tips and strategies on how to successfully lead and implement change within your business or organisation. 

My book is rooted in the lived experience and in repeatable actions that yield results. It is designed to help your business or organisation realise the intended benefits of your change initiative. It is a detailed guide written with a commitment to your success.

The book is targeted at senior leaders. However, everyone affected by the organisational change is advised to read this book so that you can be clear on your role as an enabler of change success within your business or organisation.

The Intelligent Change Management books

Order your copy today on Amazon.

It’s a small investment to make to future-proof yourself and your organisation’s success.

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