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Why brand purpose matters in the era of social media activism

Like the majority of people around the world, I felt righteous indignation, outrage, pain and trauma at the brutal murder of George Floyd, and many other known and unknown black victims of racist crimes. However, my indignation didn't start there. It's been a part of my life for over 30 years because of my own lived experience of racism right from childhood. Over many years, I actively studied the history of black people, from its wondrous heights to its absolute lows, to gai

Excited to be amongst the next cohort of emerging corporate leaders

I’m excited to be part of the two-year Emerging Leaders Program cohort consisting of 23 candidates from across the HAVI businesses including supply chain management, logistics, packaging, data management and marketing. The Emerging Leaders Program was formally kicked off at the annual Strategic Alignment Meeting hosted at the Four Seasons Hotel Westlake Village, Los Angeles, California, the USA in February 2020. Strategic Alignment Meeting The 2020 Strategic Alignment Meeting

How enterprises leverage the benefits of cloud computing to grow in a changing economy

In the ContinuousNext* economy, the most successful brands will be those that leverage the power of ethics, sustainable practices, transparency, data and cloud computing*. They will combine them with compelling insights derived from real-time predictive data analytics. The output will be creatively inspired by personalised products and services. These will be designed with empathy to meet the evolving consumer desires, in line with their lifestyle, habits, behaviour and prefe

How I overcame my fear and wrote my first bestseller business book

Goal setting I decided early this year to set myself a new challenge. Something that I believed was beyond my ability to achieve. Something I admired in others but felt I wasn’t smart enough to do. Something that was scary yet exhilarating. I drew up a list of goals. The most challenging one for me was to write a book. At first, I was excited, then I was quickly overwhelmed by the scale of the ambition, so I parked the idea. The thought alone was daunting. Eventually, I decid

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