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  • Chidi Ameke

How I overcame my fear and wrote my first bestseller business book

Updated: Jan 8, 2022

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Goal setting

I decided early this year to set myself a new challenge. Something that I believed was beyond my ability to achieve. Something I admired in others but felt I wasn’t smart enough to do. Something that was scary yet exhilarating. I drew up a list of goals. The most challenging one for me was to write a book. At first, I was excited, then I was quickly overwhelmed by the scale of the ambition, so I parked the idea. The thought alone was daunting. Eventually, I decided to go for it. I reasoned that the worst thing that could happen was that I’d fail — but I’d learn a lot from the experience. I was compelled by that rationale.


The approach I took was to dedicate three hours every evening and most of my weekends to writing the book. The subject matter was the easiest part. I choose something that I do every day. Something that I’m very passionate about, that can make a difference. Something that I’m good at and can help others with. For me, that is Change Management.


I gave myself 12 months to complete the book. However, with determination, focus, hard work and commitment, I’ve been able to accomplish it in less than half that time.


I learned in the process of writing a book that we can achieve most things we commit ourselves to. Challenges are inevitable and I faced a few. I also developed new attributes in the process — steadfastness, grit and deferred gratification.

The result

As a result of writing a book, I have found a new level of confidence and personal satisfaction from the accomplishment.

About my book

In my new book, The Intelligent Change Management Guide: How To Successfully Lead And Implement Change In Your Organisation, I provide the ultimate resource, practical tools and strategies on how to navigate, lead, and implement change within your organisation to enable it to achieve its strategic ambitions. Using my change management process, you can start implementing positive change TODAY!

If you do order a copy of the book, I would love to get your honest review.

The five things that motivated me to write a Change Management book:

My passion: I took an honest look at what I am good at, passionate about, enjoy doing daily, and wanted to share with the world.

Helping others benefit from my experience: I realised that my story, my experiences and my points of view were valuable; and that someone somewhere could benefit from it. It could even make a difference to someone’s life and career.

My purpose: I’m driven to make a positive contribution to those around me. My purpose is to be a better version of myself today than I was yesterday and to help others to do the same. As such, the sharing of knowledge is a means to achieve that.

Creating a conversation platform: Rather than waiting for someone else to start the conversation about the benefits of effective change, I decided to take it upon myself to be that positive voice for organisational change.

Not waiting for the perfect time: I realised that there never is the right time or perfect condition to do something scary or ambitious. So, I went for it and stuck at it. I'm delighted with the result.

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Find out more about The Intelligent Change Management Guide, Click here.

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