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  • Chidi Ameke

Three books to equip you to lead change and accelerate your career

Updated: Dec 6, 2022

A young woman in a library sitting by her laptop with headphones on and reading a book.

I write to share, inspire, empower and equip leaders to achieve their corporate strategic vision; and for ambitious professionals to realise their career ambition.

My career mission is to help purpose-driven, and ambitious organisations transform.

My focus is to enable and equip an organisation's most valuable asset - its people - to reach their full potential.

Over the past several years, I committed myself to positively impact as many ambitious professionals and leaders as I can through my business books.

Why my books are for ambitious professionals and leaders

Ambitious professionals and leaders thirst for and value knowledge, information and insights. They leverage it to grow and drive change and transformation.

My business books can support your personal development, organisational strategy, and your employees' career pathway plans.

Develop yourself and your team

So far, I've written three distinguished business books for leaders, managers, corporate professionals and entrepreneurs.

My business publications address organisational change and transformation, career growth and personal brand building.

Although backed by science and extensive research, the contents of my books are rooted in experience and hindsight, thus making them readily applicable and highly valuable.

About my business books

Here are the titles of my business books. Read on to gain a concise summary of each.

  • Purpose-Driven Transformation

  • Accelerate: Your Career Ascension Guide

  • The Intelligent Change Management Guide

Summary of each book

Purpose-Driven Transformation: The Corporate Leader's Guide to Value Creation and Growth

This book is filled with science-based insights, tools, strategies and frameworks to support corporate leaders drive large-scale transformation sustainably and successfully.

For more info, click here.

In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Become a purpose-driven organization

  • Ensure the success of your business and digital transformation initiatives

  • Achieve sustainable business growth

  • Develop progressive and empathetic leadership skills

  • Create products that conscious consumers want

  • Successfully connect your employees and consumers to your brand purpose

  • Create an inclusive culture that enables everyone to belong and thrive

  • Protect the well-being of your employees

  • Successfully implement diversity, equity and inclusion

Begin your purpose-driven transformation TODAY and future-proof your business!

Order your copy TODAY on Amazon.

Accelerate: Your Career Ascension Guide, Learn How to Increase Your Market Value and Build Your Personal Brand

The ultimate guide to boost your career and attract the opportunities you want.

This book provides tools, tips and strategies to achieve your career goals and receive the rewards and recognition you deserve.

For more info, click here.

In this book, you will:

  • Discover your career purpose and how to successfully pursue your noble cause.

  • Develop your career plan and fast-track your career growth with the Career Progression Framework.

  • Learn how to build your personal brand using my exhaustive list of proven tools and ideas, including a comprehensive guide on social media performance insights.

  • Learn how to influence others through the power of storytelling and develop your presentation skills.

  • Discover how to identify your unique value proposition and market yourself authentically.

  • Learn how to build a high-performance team using The Corporate Gratitude Framework

This book will give you the competitive advantage necessary to be a standout employee, a high-performer and a business influencer.

Order your copy TODAY on Amazon.

Chidi Ameke holding his first book, The Intelligent Change Management Guide

The Intelligent Change Management Guide: How to Successfully Lead and Implement Change in Your Organization

This book was a bestseller in the Management Science category on its first day of launch on Amazon. It is filled with essential tips on how to navigate, lead, and implement change management within your organization.

For more info, click here.

In this book, you will learn how to:

  • Successfully lead organizational change management

  • Grow your business in times of uncertainty

  • Plan and achieve your goals

  • Effectively engage stakeholders

  • Achieve greater productivity

  • Optimise your operational costs

  • Evolve your organisation’s culture

  • Successfully execute business transformation

  • Innovate for success

Win hearts and minds using my change management process.

Order your copy TODAY on Amazon.

Thank you!

Regular Content

I regularly write blogs on various topics, some of which include:

  • brand purpose

  • high-performing teams

  • career acceleration

  • creating an inclusive culture

  • quantum thinking

  • technological singularity

  • operational risk management

  • bias in algorithms.

To access my blogs, click here.

To find out more about my professional capabilities and expertise, click here.

I wish you and your loved ones happy learning and a prosperous 2023.

Get in touch to continue the conversation.

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